Thyme — Pomodoro timer

with tmux integration & pre/post hooks

$ gem install thyme
Successfully installed thyme
1 gem installed

$ thyme -h
Usage: thyme [OPTION]
Timer for Pomodoro Technique
-b, --break                 run break timer
-d, --daemon                run in background
-h, --help                  show this help message
-r, --repeat [COUNT]        repeat timer

$ thyme --repeat 5
[========================================  ]  4:42 (1/5)
0:thyme* 1:vim- 4:42 (1/5)

The Pomodoro Technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo. Learn more about it via Staffan Nöteberg's Pomodoro Technique Illustrated. See Thyme on GitHub for full documentation.

Tmux Integration

$ vim ~/.thymerc
set :tmux, true

$ vim ~/.tmux.conf
set-option -g status-right '#(cat ~/.thyme-tmux)'
set-option -g status-interval 1

Just turn on tmux integration in the ~/.thymerc file. Now you'll always have your countdown available. It even turns red in the last 5 minutes of a Pomodoro.

Pre & Post Hooks

$ vim ~/.thymerc
before do
  `mplayer ~/flight-of-the-bumble-bee.mp3 &`
after do |seconds_left|
  `notify-send -u critical "Thyme's up!"`

Want to play music or turn off wifi before a Pomodoro session? How about a libnotify or Growl alert at the end of a session? It's all possible using using Ruby code in your ~/.thymerc file.

Editor Integration

$ thyme -d
$ vim ~/.vimrc
nmap <leader>t :!thyme -d<cr>

Run Thyme as a daemon while you finish your work with -d. It integrates nicely into most editors.

Extend It

$ vim ~/.thymerc
option :b, :break, 'start a break' do
  set :timer, 5*60
option :t, :today, 'open today sheet' do
  `vim ~/ < \`tty\` > \`tty\``
$ thyme -h | grep 'break\|today'
-b, --break         start a break
-t, --today         open today sheet

Thyme is just a basic timer. But you can add functionality with Ruby. Extend it to handle your Pomodoro related actions, like adding a break timer or opening up your todo today sheet.

Thyme is released under the BSD License and developed by Hugh Bien. Follow me via @hughbien.