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by Hugh Bien — 04/20/2013

Waiting for the Caltrain twice a day was getting repetitive and I needed something to keep me busy. My last on-site contract was in Palo Alto, which meant a 1.5 hour commute by light rail and train. Why not try listening to a podcast? And then I was hooked.

Product People

Want to launch a product? Learn from product authors who have done it before. Hosted by Justin Jackson and Kyle Fox, Product People interviews people who make their living building beautiful products.

Each interview is split into two digestible episodes. The first is a life story and the second has actionable tips.

I cannot recommend this podcast enough. Their show consistently features prominent product bootstrappers with great advice:

Kalzumeus Podcast

Quality over quantity. That's what comes to mind when I think of Patrick McKenzie and Keith Perhac's Kalzumeus Podcast.

If you're on Hacker News, you probably know Patrick McKenzie by his handle — patio11. Actually, he probably replied to one of your comments on HN.

Topics include pricing, business, marketing, products, consulting, and more. Here were my favorite episodes — practically all of them:

Startups for the Rest of Us

Rob Walling and Mike Taber have over one hundred episodes worth of tips for launching software products over at Startups for the Rest of Us.

They're both expert micropreneurs — each has their own personal conglomerate of products ranging from auditing software to a wedding website builder.

Both hosts also built their personal conglomerates via bootstrapping. They started out doing consulting work and slowly transitioned into launching products. Listen to their stories:

Start Small, Stay Small

Start Small, Stay Small isn't a podcast. It's an ebook/audiobook for developers who want to launch profitable software businesses.

Written and narrated by Rob Walling, this audiobook covers:

  1. What's a micropreneur and what's bootstrapping?
  2. How to effectively use niches to your advantage.
  3. How to make a sales website.
  4. How to market a niche product.
  5. How to outsource to give yourself more time.

TechZing Podcast

TechZing is an informal chat show for hackers — with hosts Justin Vincent and Jason Roberts.

This show isn't specific to bootstrappers, but they have several interesting episodes:

The Business of Freelancing Podcast

What does freelancing have to do with bootstrapping? Freelancing/consulting is a common strategy used for income while bootstrapping a product.

The Business of Freelancing Podcast by Brennan Dunn (and up until recently Eric Davis) is packed with business techniques and tips. Both hosts have used freelancing/consulting as their main source of income while they launched ebooks and a SaaS product.

Be sure to check out:

At the end of the day, your product launch won't happen by listening to podcasts. These podcast hosts and interviewees give terrific and actionable advise. It's your job to execute. Good luck!


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